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Web Development Chennai

Web Development Chennai , Refers to the process of creating a website. That website could be for an individual, a group of individuals, a company or even a cause. In this age of the World Wide Web and the internet, it has become almost impossible to run a business without a website. A website lends a face or an identity to the business, working like a marketing tool to spread the word across the world.

Website Development Company In Chennai involves many activities. It is not a single activity but a group of such processes which is collectively responsible for the creation of a website. Some of those processes are listed below.

  • Web Designing- It involves creating a look for the website. Visualising a solid user interface, a landing page, icons, tabs, clickable, e-commerce enabling etc. fall under this category. Finalising the colour schemes and the look also forms a major portion of web designing. Some businesses are best represented by some specific colour groups. Any website development company or any web design company in chennai can do this job for you.
  • Web content development- A website is not complete without appropriate content. Content is the most important component of any website. The content created must be creative, original, engaging, informative and entertaining. It must be original because plagiarism and copyright charges can cause serious damage to the company’s wallet and reputation. A website development company usually provides option to pick content creation services when you opt for a package.
  • Coding- This is the construction part of website development where whatever was on the paper as a result of planning and visualising is built by developers. There are a lot of options these days that website development companies use to build websites with. A few of the commonly used options are JavaScript, python, css, php, ruby, c++ ,Html, Jquery,etc.
  • Setting up of servers- Any website aims at generating the maximum possible traffic to the site. It runs for metrics and hits. Servers are important for a website to safeguard it from intrusion as well as to manage it from crashing during high traffic instances. Web development companies help you with picking the right server configuration to setting up and servicing it after installation.
  • Network security configuration- This involves the connecting of various computers within the organisation to enable swift and secure data interchange. It is imperative in this age of hacking to safeguard the systems and data assets from unethical intrusions. Website development companies generally sort this issue out as well for the customer.
  • Content management systems- Websites of organizations generally have multiple login functionality enabled, which authorize more than one person from the company to post content and manage it. Modern websites are developed on platforms like wordpress, which are fluid enough to support multiple content options like video, social media embeds and also perform well as solid content management systems. They also provide post scheduling thus freeing up manpower for as long as necessary. Web development companies In chennai provide easy content management system choices which can be picked by the client as per his requirements.

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Aware & Prevent of SQL Injection Methods in PHP

SQL Query Structure or injection is a technique often used for data sanitization and validation by hackers compromising your network to access your data or information, destroy data and take control over your system. To avoid such problem, review the code value before sending it as a query and secure the shared data with the help of the four prime SQL injection methods.

Key Concepts of a SQL Injection methods in PHP:

A software vulnerability occurs while data is entered by users and is sent to the SQL interpreter as a part of a SQL query.

For the SQL interpreter, the hacker provides specially crafted input data to trick the interpreter to execute unintended commands. The user will not be aware between the intended commands and the attacker’s specially crafted data.

It exploits security vulnerabilities at the database layer that allows the attackers to create, read, modify or delete sensitive data.

  1. 1Function mysql_real_escape_string()
  2. Magic Quotes
  3. Validation
  4. HTML Entities

How to Prevent SQL Injection:

  • Validate and sanitize every data entered.
  • Avoid dynamic SQL and use stored procedures, prepared statements, parameterized queries.
  • Update and patch to avoid SQL injection by attackers.
  • Use a Web Application Firewall (WAP) to help filter out malicious data and provide security protection against a particular new vulnerability before a patch is available.
  • Delete any database functionality which is least used to reduce your attack surface
  • Limit the access account by using appropriate privileges which are far safer.
  • Maintain and handle the confidential data carefully. Change the passwords of application accounts in the database regularly


Vtiger CRM Integration with WordPress

Choosing the right CRM to fit a business is one of the most crucial decisions a business has to make.  Vtiger is one such CRM which can be very easily customized to fit your business needs. Business automation can be achieved in the areas of Sales force management, Business process Management, Vendor/Supply chain Management and much more.
  • Project management
  • Customer Portal
  • Calendar/Task Management
  • Reporting System
  • Email Integration

vtiger crm integration with wordpress


Vtiger CRM Integration with WordPress

WordPress Vtiger integration is extremely easy. Vtiger can be integrated in such a way that the system automatically inputs the required fields and add a lead depending on preset criteria with the help of a short code. Fields can be added or edited at any point of time.

D’Neers Vtiger CRM Consultants:

Please feel free to call one of our VTiger specialists to talk about your requirement and how we can help you build your custom VTiger platform.



WordPress Sagepay Integration

Integrating your WordPress with a sage pay (UK) payment solution can do a world of good to your online business website. If you are a multi channel retailer or have a shop front and an ecommerce website sagepay would be a best choice as they provide iPOS and Online Payment Systems all in one.

Why use SagePay:

SagePay is a proven and leading payment solutions provider in the United Kingdom, accepting payment online through your wordpress website can be a critical task that comes with a lot of liabilities. With a proven and tested system like SagePay you can be at ease while the team at Sage Pay does the job.

wordpress sagepay integration

WordPress Sage Pay Integration:

There are many plugins available off the shelf for wordpress woocommerce websites. It is wise to buy one of them and integrate into your website than reinventing the wheel of developing a plugin from scratch for your website.


Why Concrete5 CMS for Websites..?

As many of you might know Concrete5 is one of the latest content management system written in PHP whose coding is based on Model-View-Controller architecture and object oriented programming.

Concrete5 is best used when the site has a marketing oriented strategy. It can also be effectively used to host school sites, business information sites, news, sport sites etc. Its excellent to host a personal website which is not just a blog but something more as well.

concrete5 cms development india

Concrete5 is best comparable to WordPress in terms of level of abstraction offered and provides an edge with the drag and drop feature. It is more responsive that a few other CMS’s and definitely provides unique  and useful features.


WooCommerce Website – A cost effective Ecommerce Solution

What is WooCommerce ?

WooCommerce is a highly popular and high utility e-commerce plugin which turns your wordpress website into a quality eCommerce store. Well firstly, woocommerce is a free plugin that helps you sell just about anything. It offers high flexibility in terms of categorization, fix sale prices and add independent attributes to the products.

woocommerce website development

What makes it a cost effective solution?

Woocommerce website development has a built in detailed order tracking tool allowing the sellers to view past and current orders, update delivery status and also apply discounts. Such features practically free of cost makes WooCommerce cost effective.



Need a Better CMS? We would suggest Drupal

There are a number of open source content management systems that are used today such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Here DNeers is going to address what makes drupal a better CMS in every way.

Drupal Website Development requires less programming that any other CMS which makes it a very attractive option for website design. The Drupal CCK Module ( content construction kit ) of drupal allows you to define custom fields in your content type which makes content creation very easy.

drupal website development india

Drupal CMS Development also allows bilingual and multilingual pages wherein the link to the other languages is embedded into the default page. Its unparalleled functionality such as – advanced menu management, graphics modification tool, user management etc. is reason enough for it to be your best CMS of choice.