Drupal – QuickBooks Integration

Drupal is an open source CMS with multiple module, features used to build, organize and present millions of websites. It is supported by the largest communities in the world.

QuickBooks is an online accounting package with a set of software solutions to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a business.

Why Drupal & QuickBooks Integration:

Business operations that are online based can be stressful and time consuming right from reports filling to company data inputs and product lists. Integration between the softwares makes a difference by cutting down on the time spend organizing, calculating taxes, payment procedures and more.

Drupal helps in creating a customized platform as per the business requirement to provide a systemized pattern. The framework is linked with Quickbook that will help in generating any data from one place with detailed information.

Benefits of Drupal and QuickBooks Integration;

  • Centralization of Data
  • Tax system made simpler
  • Quick Customer Response
  • One time Data Entry appears in both software
  • Simple and Easy to view invoices and the details
  • Data synchronization between Quickbooks and Drupal
  • Client and Production Information synchronized on the same platform

The Integration of Drupal with QuickBooks helps to manage customers, inventory, accounts, and automatic download of order data to QuickBooks to create receipts and sales invoices.

D’Neers has a team of highly talented developers to meet all your expectation and deliver the best for profitable business practices.

Source: https://www.dneers.com/drupal-and-quickbooks-integration/


Drupal – Magento Integration

Drupal is a free, open source CMS software/framework that offers rich, and flexible UI experience. It has transparent platform, open for integration and has a more flexible application framework.

Magento is also an open source CMS system used mainly in e-commerce websites.

Drupal and Magento Integration:

Integration of a Drupal platform with Magento ensures a robust solution to leverage the power of the CMS system. It aids in keeping track of  information, other activities and also help sales and marketing teams improve efficiency. Drupal is a good combination of a Content Management System and a Content Management Framework. It is most preferred as it has greater flexibility, adaptability towards customization.

Benefits of the Integration:

  •                 Powerful attributes and functionality
  •                 Customization of the functions and modules
  •                 Multi-store functionality
  •                 Modular architecture
  •                 Multiple and rich Features
  •                 Greater Community
  •                 Does not require point-to-point integration
  •                 Seamless integration running in the background
  •                 Data synchronization is quick between Drupal and Magento
  •                 Scalability
  •                 Intelligent conversion of information from one to another
  •             It aids in leveraging Magento business processes in combination with Drupal content management features.

At D’Neers, You will experience a seamless integration of the software tied to your business practices with the help of our very talented developers that will make your task easy and simple.

Source: http://www.dneers.com/drupal-and-magento-integration/

Aware & Prevent of SQL Injection Methods in PHP

SQL Query Structure or injection is a technique often used for data sanitization and validation by hackers compromising your network to access your data or information, destroy data and take control over your system. To avoid such problem, review the code value before sending it as a query and secure the shared data with the help of the four prime SQL injection methods.

Key Concepts of a SQL Injection methods in PHP:

A software vulnerability occurs while data is entered by users and is sent to the SQL interpreter as a part of a SQL query.

For the SQL interpreter, the hacker provides specially crafted input data to trick the interpreter to execute unintended commands. The user will not be aware between the intended commands and the attacker’s specially crafted data.

It exploits security vulnerabilities at the database layer that allows the attackers to create, read, modify or delete sensitive data.

  1. 1Function mysql_real_escape_string()
  2. Magic Quotes
  3. Validation
  4. HTML Entities

How to Prevent SQL Injection:

  • Validate and sanitize every data entered.
  • Avoid dynamic SQL and use stored procedures, prepared statements, parameterized queries.
  • Update and patch to avoid SQL injection by attackers.
  • Use a Web Application Firewall (WAP) to help filter out malicious data and provide security protection against a particular new vulnerability before a patch is available.
  • Delete any database functionality which is least used to reduce your attack surface
  • Limit the access account by using appropriate privileges which are far safer.
  • Maintain and handle the confidential data carefully. Change the passwords of application accounts in the database regularly

Source: http://www.dneers.com/aware-prevent-of-sql-injection-methods-in-php/

Need a Better CMS? We would suggest Drupal

There are a number of open source content management systems that are used today such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Here DNeers is going to address what makes drupal a better CMS in every way.

Drupal Website Development requires less programming that any other CMS which makes it a very attractive option for website design. The Drupal CCK Module ( content construction kit ) of drupal allows you to define custom fields in your content type which makes content creation very easy.

drupal website development india

Drupal CMS Development also allows bilingual and multilingual pages wherein the link to the other languages is embedded into the default page. Its unparalleled functionality such as – advanced menu management, graphics modification tool, user management etc. is reason enough for it to be your best CMS of choice.


Source: http://www.dneers.com/need-a-better-cms-we-would-suggest-drupal/