Beginners FAQ on SEO

A lot of people and organizations that own a website are unaware about what SEO really. Here I’m going to tell you what SEO is and answer a few basic questions anyone who is new to SEO will have.

What Is SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that can help your website more visible during an organic search result wherein people are actually looking for your brand/product/service that you offer via the popular search engines such as google or bing.

What is an organic search result?

These are the results that appear in search engines based on the search engine algorithm. These results are free and purely based on relevance of content as indexed by the search engine.

Paid results on the other hand are those that appear at the top or side of a search engine result page for which the advertisers have paid.

organic search vs paid search


Digital Marketing – What’s in the Focus?

Over the past few years digital marketing has been creating waves in the marketing industry. Currently accounting for 25% of the budget a company spends for marketing, it is expected to rise to around 33% by the end of this year which is quite a significant figure. Looking at this trend digital marketing is soon set to dominate the marketing strategies applied by any company in the next few years.

focus on digital marketing