Smart ways of Shopping to drive traffic with Smartphones

Search results are only sent customers to e-commerce sites, retailers lose the shopper who checks a phone in the store, and buyers only visit stores to transact or showroom. According to Ipsos MediaCT and Sterling Brands, the Smartphone shoppers have got increased.

Smartphone with shopping cart on white background.Smartphone became consumer’s favorite for shopping. These handy devices give faster information and accurate details about the store.

For instance:

  • 68% of shoppers surveyed said they were happy with store purchases when they did research online before buying, according to those surveyed
  • 71% expect clerks to know or find product information more quickly now, due to Smartphones
  • 46% of Smartphone shoppers browse the retailer’s own site or app in-store.

Smartphone helped the customer to double check the value in store, increase customer satisfaction (69% of consumers are more satisfied with purchases when they get to touch or feel a product in-store) and retailers have the opportunities to build brand loyalty (51% said they used digital devices to look for additional information after buying).

Untitled drawing (2)Local Inventory Ads display nearby store to online shoppers. “Local inventory ads fit perfectly into our strategy of using digital tools to drive store traffic,” says David Buckley, chief marketing officer at Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores. When people are searching for a particular product or item on the phone, there is nothing but the product targeted with an image, price, description which makes the customers to know about the product location.

Online shoppers should do

  • Using local inventory ads to promote the stock where availability stock can reach the interested buyers.
  • Necessary to update store location, working hours, and phone number in online search ads.
  • Online presence for mobile viewing should include website, app and mobile to ads to engage customers.

Top retailers are using digital to connect people with their stores.


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