WhatsApp‬ ‪Voice‬ ‪Calling‬ ‪‎Feature‬ for ‪Android‬ ‪Mobiles‬

WhatsApp_calling_in_androidAfter multiple flip-flops, #WhatsApp ‪#‎launces‬ #voice #calling ‪#‎facility‬ for mobiles that features #Android OS 2.1 and above. WhatsApp calling for ‪#‎tablet‬ ‪#‎devices‬ with android are under testing and are expected to launch soon. From sending ‪#‎texts‬, ‪#‎images‬, ‪#‎videos‬ now WhatsApp enabled this calling feature in Android mobiles.

To make it more comfortable for users high speed unlimited internet is required to have uninterrupted calls.

whatsapp_voice_calling_feature_androidTo download the latest version of #WhatsApp #calling ‪#‎APK‬ for #Android mobiles one can visit https://www.whatsapp.com/android/ or can give a try from ‪#‎Google‬ ‪#‎Play‬ ‪#‎Store‬ @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details….

Once the latest version is downloaded, one must receive a request from existing user to enable this in their Android mobiles.

More details on http://goo.gl/BDfWWa


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