Mobility Platform Specialisation & Services

Mobility Platform Specialisation & Services

Mobility Platform Specialisation:

  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • iOS Mobile Application Development
  • iPad App Development

Mobility Services

Native Application Development:

We have developed many native applications for Android and iOS platforms. Our expertise in creating applications that focuses on the user group to which the application serves makes us stand out among our competition.

Cross Platform Applications:

Though the highest marketshare in the app market is shared between Playstore and iTunes there are other significant and growing platforms that require attention. It becomes important for businesses to develop cross platform mobile applications where the user base is very wide ranging and from different geographies.

Hybrid Applications:

Data source can differ within an organization and mobile apps may source data from different platforms and environments. Hybrid applications can just do that and deliver data from different sources as they are part native and part web apps.

Mobile Web Apps:

To bring a uniform experience between a website and mobile application the best bet would be a mobile web app. The content and the look and feel can be the very same between a business website and the app. The only disadvantage is that it cannot work offline and it is purely browser based.

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