Create a successful SEO Link building Campaign

Create a successful SEO Link building Campaign

Years back, it was simple for companies make top search results. Anyone could make their site appear important in search engines with spammy inbound links using keyword anchor text.

Now creating large numbers of links have faded away, and this tactic no longer works. Search engines have made difficult to gain search views, because users demand quality search results. This is the reason why search engine detects and removes content from the results.

A link building strategy is not a calculated effort instead content publication attracts inbound links. We will see about implementing a quality and successful link-building campaign.

Content Strategy

A quality and value added content attracts inbound links with publishing truly. Low or Average quality content only hurts the brand and will not attract any inbound links. A content strategy lays the foundation for a link building campaign, providing a valued link will also strengthen the brand.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable word with a hyperlink. It should be natural, valued and relevant. A branded anchor will use the title of a cited article as anchor text.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ways to build links and it has many benefits beyond link building. Guest blogging gives the opportunity to align the brand with publishers and brands, and gains new audience.

There are several tools (Google analytics, Google webmaster tool and Majestic SEO) which can help to measure the value of the site. It does not matter of using free or payment tools, but we find where we need to make improvements to assess the campaign.

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