Why should we use WordPress?

Why should we use WordPress?

WordPress is the most sought after content management system until this day from its launch in 2003. A business can quickly and at the same time with very less cost launch their website if they choose wordpress. It is very easy to deploy.

A few reasons that makes it the best among all content management systems

Ease of use – A novices tool:

If one can use to send emails using Gmail or outlook then he is qualified to use wordpress website. Websites done in wordpress development have become a must for not just small to medium businesses but even for individuals and tradesmen. WP did exactly that by making it one of the most easily operable platforms.

Plugins for almost everything:

During the first few years of its inception, wordpress was thought to be a blog and that is all about it. Being a true opensource, developers were encouraged to build plugins that can be integrated. This catapulted wordpress into many things that even its developers would not have thought it would become in the years. In the last decades plugins have made wordpress a CMS that can sell items online and even report stock market status updates.

Bespoke and Themes:

The opensource nature of wordpress has allowed designers and developers to build themes. Today there are hundreds of themes and pre built websites one can choose from for their website. Websites like themeforest has hundreds of designs under many categories like church, real estate, beauty salon and photography wordpress websites

Great for SEO:

A website that does not exist on search engines does not exists in this world. There are plugins like All in One SEO, 301 Redirect, and Yoast that makes wordpress the most search engine friendly platform out there.

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