Ways to use Facebook and Twitter to promote a Business

Ways to use Facebook and Twitter to promote a Business

Social Media is huge. There are millions of users on Facebook and Twitter. Social Media can drive traffic, brand awareness and sales and more.

Use Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is going to add brand pages with trend advertising and posts. Using these sponsored posts and trend topic advertising, it is possible on twitter to build a community and a presence. Facebook is available for adding brand pages and apps for promotion and advertising.

Creating a good Content

You need to write a good content which is being shared to succeed in social media and create a content that grabs audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are similar to Google’s Adwords that have to paid search in the Facebook, but there is no intent word for search.

Make money

Social media can make money, by driving traffic to the website. We need to offer discounts or promotional offers to drive traffic, which boost up the sales.

Excellent customer service

Recruiting new customers can be expensive, but social media can keep customers happy. Social media can be a cost effective way of making the business more profitable.

Schedule Facebook campaigns

It is good to set the ads, whether we need to run all the time or day parted. Facebook has a basic scheduling system to run the campaigns.


Automation and scheduling tools are great for convenience and it can save time. Social monitoring tools are crucial for brand awareness.

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