Google: Content within Tabs & click to expand might not be Indexed or Ranked

Google: Content within Tabs & click to expand might not be Indexed or Ranked

Click to expand content not being indexed or ranked by Google.

Google said, “Click to expand” menus or “tabs” may be “discounted” since Google knows you are hiding it from users. Google may not rank the page for the content within those sections because Google knows users do not see the content by default.

Amazon use lots of tabs, but now it seems to output the content directly on the page which makes users to scroll the page to see the content.

Google: Content within Tabs & click to expand might not be Indexed or RankedGoogle’s own documents use click to expand to view the content. When clicking on the question it will bring the answer lists in a new page.

Google John said,

“So I saw your blog post about that, and I sent the team that works on this a short email before the Hangout, but I didn’t hear back from them on time to actually have a definitive answer for you there.

But I think we’ve been doing something similar for quite awhile now, where if we can recognize that the content is actually hidden, then we’ll just try to discount it in a little bit. So that we kind of see that it’s still there, but the user doesn’t see it.

Therefore, it’s probably not something that’s critical for this page. So that includes, like, the Click to Expand. That includes the tab UIs, where you have all kinds of content hidden away in tabs, those kinds of things. So if you want that content really indexed, I’d make sure it’s visible for the users when they go to that page.

From our point of view, it’s always a tricky problem when we send a user to a page where we know this content is actually hidden. Because the user will see perhaps the content in the snippet, they’ll click through the page, and say, well, I don’t see where this information is on this page. I feel kind of almost misled to click on this to actually get in there.

So that’s kind of the problem that we’re seeing. And some of that– I think we’ve been picking up on that for quite some time now to kind of discount that information. It might be that we’ve gone a little bit further now to actively ignore the information that’s not directly visible.”

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