Create a successful SEO Link building Campaign

Create a successful SEO Link building Campaign

Years back, it was simple for companies make top search results. Anyone could make their site appear important in search engines with spammy inbound links using keyword anchor text.

Now creating large numbers of links have faded away, and this tactic no longer works. Search engines have made difficult to gain search views, because users demand quality search results. This is the reason why search engine detects and removes content from the results.

A link building strategy is not a calculated effort instead content publication attracts inbound links. We will see about implementing a quality and successful link-building campaign.

Content Strategy

A quality and value added content attracts inbound links with publishing truly. Low or Average quality content only hurts the brand and will not attract any inbound links. A content strategy lays the foundation for a link building campaign, providing a valued link will also strengthen the brand.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable word with a hyperlink. It should be natural, valued and relevant. A branded anchor will use the title of a cited article as anchor text.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ways to build links and it has many benefits beyond link building. Guest blogging gives the opportunity to align the brand with publishers and brands, and gains new audience.

There are several tools (Google analytics, Google webmaster tool and Majestic SEO) which can help to measure the value of the site. It does not matter of using free or payment tools, but we find where we need to make improvements to assess the campaign.

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Why should we use WordPress?

Why should we use WordPress?

WordPress is the most sought after content management system until this day from its launch in 2003. A business can quickly and at the same time with very less cost launch their website if they choose wordpress. It is very easy to deploy.

A few reasons that makes it the best among all content management systems

Ease of use – A novices tool:

If one can use to send emails using Gmail or outlook then he is qualified to use wordpress website. Websites done in wordpress development have become a must for not just small to medium businesses but even for individuals and tradesmen. WP did exactly that by making it one of the most easily operable platforms.

Plugins for almost everything:

During the first few years of its inception, wordpress was thought to be a blog and that is all about it. Being a true opensource, developers were encouraged to build plugins that can be integrated. This catapulted wordpress into many things that even its developers would not have thought it would become in the years. In the last decades plugins have made wordpress a CMS that can sell items online and even report stock market status updates.

Bespoke and Themes:

The opensource nature of wordpress has allowed designers and developers to build themes. Today there are hundreds of themes and pre built websites one can choose from for their website. Websites like themeforest has hundreds of designs under many categories like church, real estate, beauty salon and photography wordpress websites

Great for SEO:

A website that does not exist on search engines does not exists in this world. There are plugins like All in One SEO, 301 Redirect, and Yoast that makes wordpress the most search engine friendly platform out there.

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Ways to use Facebook and Twitter to promote a Business

Ways to use Facebook and Twitter to promote a Business

Social Media is huge. There are millions of users on Facebook and Twitter. Social Media can drive traffic, brand awareness and sales and more.

Use Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is going to add brand pages with trend advertising and posts. Using these sponsored posts and trend topic advertising, it is possible on twitter to build a community and a presence. Facebook is available for adding brand pages and apps for promotion and advertising.

Creating a good Content

You need to write a good content which is being shared to succeed in social media and create a content that grabs audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are similar to Google’s Adwords that have to paid search in the Facebook, but there is no intent word for search.

Make money

Social media can make money, by driving traffic to the website. We need to offer discounts or promotional offers to drive traffic, which boost up the sales.

Excellent customer service

Recruiting new customers can be expensive, but social media can keep customers happy. Social media can be a cost effective way of making the business more profitable.

Schedule Facebook campaigns

It is good to set the ads, whether we need to run all the time or day parted. Facebook has a basic scheduling system to run the campaigns.


Automation and scheduling tools are great for convenience and it can save time. Social monitoring tools are crucial for brand awareness.

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Google adwords custom column

Custom Columns in Google Adwords

Google introduces custom columns for advertisers. These custom columns can be added to ad group or campaign reports and these reports also can be filtered, downloaded and sorted.

Google said, “Introducing custom columns to AdWords reporting, an easy way to create and view segmented columns for the metrics you want to see.”

Custom Columns in Google Adwords

Here below steps to create custom columns in AdWords:

  • Sign in to Google AdWords account.
  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Click the Campaigns or Ad groups tab.
  • Click the Columns drop down menu and then select customize columns.
  • Select custom columns option on the left.
  • If there is no existence custom column, then go to the next step in the dialog box.
  • If the custom column created already, click +Column. Give the column name in the name field and the name will be shown in the column header.
  • In the column description field, enter the description of the column.
  • Choose the metric that bases the column.
  • Select the segment that applies to the metric like network or device.
  • Select the segment values and click Save option.
  • Click Apply to apply the column customization to the data table.

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Google Hangouts app adds location sharing

Google Hangouts app adds location sharing

Google Hangouts adds a new feature which allows sharing location within conversations. Now it’s added with stickers, timestamps and video filters and good integration with phone contacts. Hangouts can identify what you need and offer to help.

The company wrote in a post on Google+.

“You will see a one-tab option to share your location right in the conversation, without you needing to hunt around in a map, drop a pin and send your position.”

Google Hangouts app adds location sharing

This feature is called smart suggestions from Google and it understands questions about the location. This update makes easy with stored phone contacts to start conversation with people. You can get connected with the people stored in the address book by verifying the phone number and conversations include timestamps for last seen message.

This update introduced 16 new sticker packs and video filters, including black and white options, vignette and Sepia.

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Mobile Tools in SEO Strategy

The past few years the organic site visitor reports are showing better search share reports inside entry via mobile. Many understand that mobile has to be part of the SEO Strategy seeing through the mobile. Google analytics reports give a better understanding for users, showing mobile viewer analytics.

Mobile Tools in SEO StrategyGoogle Tools for Mobile SEO

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed InsightsGoogle provides page loading insight for the rendering of desktop content and includes CSS and JavaScript, compressing site images, and more.

Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability

Google Webmaster Tools Mobile UsabilityGoogle helps to understand what mobile SEO and usability issues and this tool allows pinpointing where the issues reside in the entire site.

Responsive Design: A mobile user is same like the desktop user, but the visibility in a single column where the user can view the whole screen without scrolling around.

Dynamic Serving: The display will be altered, which fit the user’s screen depending on the incoming device user agent.

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Google: Content within Tabs & click to expand might not be Indexed or Ranked

Google: Content within Tabs & click to expand might not be Indexed or Ranked

Click to expand content not being indexed or ranked by Google.

Google said, “Click to expand” menus or “tabs” may be “discounted” since Google knows you are hiding it from users. Google may not rank the page for the content within those sections because Google knows users do not see the content by default.

Amazon use lots of tabs, but now it seems to output the content directly on the page which makes users to scroll the page to see the content.

Google: Content within Tabs & click to expand might not be Indexed or RankedGoogle’s own documents use click to expand to view the content. When clicking on the question it will bring the answer lists in a new page.

Google John said,

“So I saw your blog post about that, and I sent the team that works on this a short email before the Hangout, but I didn’t hear back from them on time to actually have a definitive answer for you there.

But I think we’ve been doing something similar for quite awhile now, where if we can recognize that the content is actually hidden, then we’ll just try to discount it in a little bit. So that we kind of see that it’s still there, but the user doesn’t see it.

Therefore, it’s probably not something that’s critical for this page. So that includes, like, the Click to Expand. That includes the tab UIs, where you have all kinds of content hidden away in tabs, those kinds of things. So if you want that content really indexed, I’d make sure it’s visible for the users when they go to that page.

From our point of view, it’s always a tricky problem when we send a user to a page where we know this content is actually hidden. Because the user will see perhaps the content in the snippet, they’ll click through the page, and say, well, I don’t see where this information is on this page. I feel kind of almost misled to click on this to actually get in there.

So that’s kind of the problem that we’re seeing. And some of that– I think we’ve been picking up on that for quite some time now to kind of discount that information. It might be that we’ve gone a little bit further now to actively ignore the information that’s not directly visible.”

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